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The Haws-KM consulting practice utilizes collaborative teams and a nationwide network of experts to provide cost effective, practical advice and counsel in a host of workplace, real estate, regulatory, construction, licensing, financing, cybersecurity, corporate governance and other related matters. We know the key issues our business clients deal with on a daily basis and design strategic recommendations focused the short and long-term financial and operational goals.

We help our clients anticipate risk and prepare for the unforeseen. Should the need arise, our seasoned trial lawyers aggressively defend businesses in litigation and government investigations. Businesses routinely turn to Haws-KM for consulting services in a range of issues, including:

Workplace Safety:

We work with our clients’ internal teams to design policies and best practices that reduce accidents, lower workers’ comp costs, ensure compliance, control insurance premiums and adopt industry best practices.

Class Action:

A class action lawsuit is a strain on a company’s finances, time and resources. We consult businesses on the significant risks, expenses, and issues at play before charting a course. We work with clients to identify their litigation goals and design the best course of action. We ensure open, honest communication through every step of the process.

Develop Corporate Witnesses:

Testifying can be intimidating. We help prepare witnesses by explaining the process, marshalling the documents and identifying the strongest messages in the case. With preparation and practice, we work to demystify the experience, so witnesses are comfortable and confident to testify in any possible scenario.

Construction Licensing Issues:

When dealing with state contractor licensing and local licensing laws, the time and attention needed can be overwhelming. Our team knows the law, the regulations and the language of the industry. We take the time to learn the outcomes our clients want, then help them navigate the process.

Policy and Litigation Prevention:

There is a delicate balance between legal issues and business objectives and practicalities. A strong compliance foundation is built on expertise and experience. We make sure our clients have the proper policies and procedures in place and that they are compliant with all guidelines and regulations to anticipate and avoid problems and save time and money.


A company’s private data is one of its most important assets. Current and emerging security threats are increasing, both in complexity and frequency. We help clients understand the issues, diagnose threats, prevent loss, mitigate risk, and formulate a proper course of action in the event of a data breach. Our Cybersecurity and Data Privacy team helps business leaders understand and navigate regulations and best practices to protect sensitive data and stay ahead of the curve.

Our lawyers advise and assist clients on a multitude of cybersecurity and data privacy issues, including:

  • Cybersecurity and data-breach-related litigation
  • Cybersecurity insurance
  • Cybersecurity preparedness
  • Data protection and loss prevention
  • Drafting and negotiating security agreements and vendor contracts
  • Drafting cybersecurity and data privacy policies
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for U.S.-based companies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Trade secret protection

Policy Advising:

Today’s policy landscape impacts every part of doing business. Being able to navigate shifting trends, regulations, and legislation has a direct impact on a company’s ability to succeed and grow. Our team interprets the complex into the easy to understand. We keep our clients in compliance and ahead of regulation to mitigate risks and help them thrive in a constantly changing landscape.

Corporate Governance:

We advise newly formed, seasoned, and recently restructured companies across multiple industry sectors to help alleviate the constant pressure to maintain governance programs. We design best practices, develop programs, and devise defense strategies to help clients stay on top of complex issues

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